Massage Treatments

THE GROUNDING RITUAL  60 minutes – €130

It is a massage ritual that focuses on the back of the body, lower legs & feet so as to ‘ground’ oneself back into their body. It targets the areas that are prone to tightness and tension. Your therapist will perform long flowing movements, working the length of the entire body. This is the prefect treatment for those who are seated or stationary for long periods and just need something to relieve the feeling of tightness and achiness throughout the body.


HOT STONE MASSAGE 90 minutes – €150

Smooth basalt stones caress and massage the body gently and rhythmically. The heated stones are used as a massage tool to help induce a deep state of relaxation through their weight, shape and conductivity properties.

FREESTYLE MASSAGE  75 minutes – €140

A bespoke freestyle full body massage tailor-made by your therapist to address your concerns; muscle pain, stress relief, relaxation or emotional balance. Your therapist will use a variety of massage techniques helping to re-harmonise your body.


HEAD, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE  45 minutes – €95

Created to stimulate the scalp, clear tension from the shoulders and neck and nourish the hair using pleasantly scented oils.


A therapeutic based massage to the back & shoulders concentrating on lengthening the muscle fibres while eliminating muscular tension.


LEG & FOOT REVIVER MASSAGE  45 minutes – €95

Refreshing and hydrating massage to the legs and feet, helping to alleviate fluid retention and improve circulation.


REFLEXOLOGY  45 minutes – €90

An ancient healing therapy, focusing on your feet using pressure point massage techniques to help stimulate your body to self-heal.

Fancy An Extra Treat?

Combine Any of the Above Massages With A Hydrotherapy Bath for Only €40 Extra