Massage Treatments


This is a well-being treatment using more hands on rhythmic and flowing techniques instead of the more traditional massage movements. It commences with a grounding and balancing foot ritual. Created to aid the perfect night’s sleep, this deeply relaxing treatment incorporates sleep inducing meditation techniques; to leave you feeling completely re-charged and at ease. This wellbeing focused treatment evokes instant peace.


HOT STONE MASSAGE – 90 minutes – €150

Smooth basalt stones caress and massage the body gently and rhythmically. The heated stones are used as a massage tool to help induce a deep state of relaxation through their weight, shape and conductivity properties.


FREESTYLE MASSAGE – 75 minutes – €135

A bespoke freestyle full body massage tailor-made by your therapist to address your concerns; muscle pain, stress relief, relaxation or emotional balance. Your therapist will use a variety of massage techniques helping to re-harmonise your body.

FIVE ELEMENT AROMA MASSAGE – 60 minutes – €120

This aromatherapy massage blends customised essential oil infusions with warm herbal steam towels, heated stones and skillful therapeutic techniques to deliver the ultimate massage experience.


CUSHIONED HEAD & NECK MASSAGE – 45 minutes – €90

Created to stimulate the scalp, clear tension from the shoulders and neck and nourish the hair using pleasantly scented oils.

BROADENING BACK MASSAGE – 45 minutes – €90

A therapeutic based massage to the back & shoulders concentrating on lengthening the muscle fibres while eliminating muscular tension.


LEG & FOOT REVIVER MASSAGE – 45 minutes – €90

Refreshing and hydrating massage to the legs and feet, helping to alleviate fluid retention and improve circulation.


REFLEXOLOGY – 45 minutes- €80

An ancient healing therapy, focusing on your feet using pressure point massage techniques to help stimulate your body to self-heal.

Fancy An Extra Treat?

Combine Any of the Above Massages With A Hydrotherapy Bath for Only €40 Extra