Our Products

In 2014, Nádúr Spa got the opportunity to put their passion about natural Irish skincare products to the test and won the 2014 Irish Spa Awards for ‘Best Indigenous Irish Treatment’ with their unique Honey & Irish Whiskey Salted Body Scrub.

Gina, our spa manager, who is also an avid beekeeper uses these bi-products from the hives to form the basis of a creamy lip balm, body balm and face exfoliant. These products are available for purchase from the spa.

Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. The honey and beeswax, in these products are sourced from our spa manager’s very own apiary, located just 4 miles away !

Our Products

Sweet Honey Body Balm

For very dry and dehydrated skin, eczema and to treat sunburn

Apply liberally on dry skin after shower when skin is warm.

Suitable for pregnancy.

Price – €40 (250mls)

Our Products

Walnut & Honey Face Exfoliant

An exfoliant using walnut dust to gently buff the face.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Remove with warm face cloth.

Price – €34 (150mls)

Our Products

Creamy Lip Balm

A sweet and creamy lip balm.

This product hydrates even the driest lips.

Leaves a natural shine on your lips after use.

Price – €10 (15mls)